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About Us

Xess shaper is a family owned corporation, in business for over 10 years with corporate headquarters in Los Angeles, California. For many years, this company has manufactured post-op plastic surgery garments for the perfect comfort and shape for after plastic surgery.  We added our shapewear line to accomodate the consumer who wants comfort and results in a shape wear line.  Xess Shaper employs the most dedicated staff and manufacturing team to bring you the best and most comfortable shape wears. We pay attention to the construction, fit, and quality of each garment to ensure that you will be comfortable in every piece regardless of size. We offer a wide variety of fits to ensure that your comfort is preserved. The fabric is developed by us, for you, and all our garments are made in USA from start to finish.

Choosing the right garment for your situation is easy when purchasing your shapewear at Xess Shaper. Our exclusive 2 in 1 design allows for a perfect body look.  The inner layer of our shapers give an extra firm tuck, while the outer layer smooths the imperfections.  Our shapers are the only shapers in the market with this unique 2 in 1 design. They aim to firm, shape and smooth the desired areas such as midriff, tummy, sides, waist, bottom, thighs, back and hips.

Wear your favorite outfit with comfort and confidence all day with a body shaper in place. You can enjoy an hourglass figure while still breathing and eating comfortably. Our shapers also maintain a very low profile so that no one will know your wearing a body shaper. 
What is a body shaper?
A body shaper is an undergarment designed to temporarily alter the wearer's body shape, to achieve a more fashionable figure. The function of a foundation garment is not to enhance a bodily feature but to smooth or control the display of one.